All our Programmes are validated by accredited universities in Costarica and Africa.

These universities are fully approved by the Ministry of Education, and also have received accreditation from the recognised accrediting bodies in Central America and Africa.

These universities have been recognized by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). These universities have been entered into UNESCO’s database of approved Universities and appears in its official Directory. As noted on the organizational website, “UNESCO is the only official organ of the United Nations whose mission and mandate embrace higher education.


USA CUFCE - Equivalency Certification

California University Foreign Credentials Evaluation (CUFCE)  is a public and charitable foundation organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law. Its major goal is to ensure a rapid integration of all degree holder immigrants into the US community by recognizing their studies and earned credits through the U.S. educational equivalency system. CUFCE normally issues a California University equivalency transcript and diploma of all CIML Business School earned Professional degrees.


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This is to inform all concerned that the documents issued to the following Students has been withdrawn by the Business School and are no longer valid for use by the students. The names of the students are;

1. Aderibigbe Adejoke Azeezat
2. Balogun Oluwatosin Moriamo